Welcome to Grace Lutheran Church!

Grace Lutheran Church of Parker invites you to visit our congregation. At Grace, God’s Word is honored and proclaimed in its truth and purity. The good news of Jesus is always central to our services. Whether you are a lifelong Lutheran or someone who has never been in a church, you will find the same warm welcome at Grace Lutheran.

Grace Lutheran Chruch Sanctuary

Who we are

We are a “confessional” Lutheran congregation. The confessions ground us in a specific understanding of the Bible. This is good because it protects us from drifting with the culture and thereby losing the correct view of Holy Scripture. The faith and teachings of the Lutheran Church are confessed in the Lutheran “symbols” which have been collected into one work called the Book of Concord of 1580.

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Grace Lutheran Chruch Enterance

Our Community

Grace Lutheran Church is an active community. In addition to weekly Bible study, we have an active Youth Group, Men's Softball team, and other social groups.

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